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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Trip to the Doctor

Well, I am feeling fine, but last week Nathaniel (the cat) had a little mishap on one of his outings. He spent all day in the wild outdoors, and when he returned late at night, he was curled up in a ball at the front door and wouldn't open his eyes until the next day. He lay in what I can only describe (and please excuse this) a catatonic state.

He recovered in a few days and was back to his old self, but there was a slight pouch at his stomach. At first we thought it might just be weight loss, brought on by the stress. But as the appointment for his 2nd rabies shot came due, this week, it became apparent that he might have a cyst or some such thing.

The vet, a very gently and nice man, made a brief examination and let us know that Nate had suffered a hernia. Apparently that runs in the family, having had a hernia operation, myself, just before we arrived in Uruguay. Now, I know that Nate has not been doing any heavy lifting, but when he was shaved for the little operation, the doctor showed us the place where he was obviously held and shaken by his stomach (probably one of the many neighborhood dogs). The skin had not been broken, but it did result in the hernia.

Within an hour, a massive vitamin B shot had been administered, anesthetic given and the operation performed. The patient is currently resting comfortably with a good prognosis for a full recovery.

The vet's bill for the shots, and operation was a whopping 450 pesos (just under $20). I don't think you can beat that and next week he comes back to have the stitches removed. The vet's shop is well stocked and you can buy Hill's Science Diet (though my wife says that is highly overrated) and many other brands of food and accessories. I think you can say that the vet saved us from a near catastrophe (once again I must apologize- I can't help myself).

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