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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Feeling Blue!

Apologies are needed, It's the end of the month and I haven't posted anything for 3 weeks.

I have my reasons. For one thing, My computer was being difficult, it wasn't charging even when it was plugged in! I had to send for a new charger from the States (USA). It took about a month to arrive but it seems to be working/charging now. My mouse function died many months ago and I've been using a very "crappy" touch pad to maneuver around with, it doesn't allow me to spell check anything. I only know when a word is misspelled but I can't auto correct it, like before.  Wally has the same type of mouse ball as I do, his works. So yes, I tried exchanging his to replace mine but no, the problem persists. My computer was a brand new present from Wally, a rare treat, if you know how little he likes to spend on gifts. He brought it back from the USA for me when he went to visit his sick father (who is well now). Of course, in bringing it back, he promptly dropped it in the airport onto a concrete post and slightly bent it! I normally don't get a lot of presents, so go figure. I am amazed it has worked this long (1 year).

I have also been working about 6 days a week doing house cleaning jobs. I agreed to work for a lady for 3 months while her cleaning lady was in the USA for 3 months. She wanted her house cleaned 3 times a week. Apparently, I did a good job because her Aunt who also used the same other lady wanted me to clean her house 2 times a week. I have 2 other regulars, of my own, that I clean for but only for 1 time a week each. My 2 regular cleaning jobs help me to pay for my pets' pet food (very expensive here in Uruguay) and my cat grit/kitty litter. They also give me just a few dollars for personal items that I want to spend on myself. So by doubling up on some days and cleaning their houses, I was and I am exhausted. My own house is now filthy or "Mugrienta",  Full of "Mugre/ filth and grime (my new Spanish words) After cleaning other peoples houses for 7 hours a day 6 days a week and traveling by bus to their towns there is no way I wanted or had the energy to clean my own home or to blog, Sorry! Wally likes to cook.

October started out incredibly sad for me! Romeo, my new kitty from the month of April was killed!

 I was outside, admiring my front garden because the gardener had removed some ugly bushes at my request. Well, curse it, I had to pee, so I ran back into my house where all my animals were waiting for me by the front door. Romeo, an inside cat, dashed out and I couldn't grab him fast enough. I blame having to use the facilities for that. Well, I quickly went to look for him and couldn't see him anywhere.  I then just had to use the toilet (which is why, I'm so mad at myself). I should have thought about going onto the roof or into the neighbors' yard, over on the next block but no, I just had to visit my porcelain friend.

I called all day and night for him. He had escaped before but he always stayed nearby or came when I called! This time a day and 2 nights passed without my seeing or finding him. Finally, when I came home from work and started calling again for him some workers, working on a new house construction 2 doors away, came to ask me, if I had found my cat? I said, "NO". Then, they said, they believed he might be dead because they could see the body of a cat in the next yard. They very nicely passed me a ladder and I climb up it to peek into the neighbors' yard. Another worker, then lifted up the body so I could see if it was Romeo or not. Sadly it was! By the look of his rigidness, he died on the very first day he went missing, which is why he didn't come back immediately. The workers asked if I wanted the body back to bury in my yard but I said no because I have 3 dogs that know him and his scent. So they nicely dug a deep hole in the bush area where he apparently wanted to explore. They dug it wide and deep and gently put him in it for me. They covered him not only with the dirt but seamlessly replaced the grass lawn over him. I was glad I saw him one last time, so that I knew for sure, he wasn't coming back home. He didn't suffer as there was no blood or damage. Some dog must have just shook him then walked away and left him without further disturbance. I know this is a terribly sad post but I just had to share in English my feelings, so forgive me.

I cried, and cried, day and night, because he was so young and because he had become my favorite pet so shortly on. My other cat, Nathan (of 5 plus years) is a typical cat. He's independent most of the time and loving when he feels like it. Romeo, was named (Ill fated I guess) Romeo because he was amazingly affectionate. He also had huge paws! Not deformed with extra toes, no, he had perfectly formed nice paws that were just very large (Larger than the 5 year old cat) and he had sturdy legs. He could not only push a door open but could "PULL IT OPEN" with his huge paws. Nathan meows and waits for the door to be opened for him.

Well, I don't have a kitty heaven or resurrection or reincarnation belief for animals, so I think, I cried more for him then for some people I knew. After 2 straight days of crying it was time to get up in the morning and meet my friends at 7am at the bus stop to attend my religious 3 day district assembly.

I had 3 straight days of Bible conference, readings, lectures, demonstrations and a really nice video Bible drama. Too bad for me, it was all in Spanish! I understood more than I have done before but I was again tiredly reminded of my great inadequacies. So I was glad to be with friends but I was also very tired mentally and emotionally by the end of it.

A few months ago, I had finally found a Spanish teacher in Salinas (the nearby town) and once a week I was going to them for a "1 on 1 lesson", a personal lesson using some of my house cleaning money for the lessons. I was loving it, even the homework. However, She started to cancel them and then she quit all together, citing personal home problems. We are on good terms and I would start them again if she was available. Alas, I am without affordable, live personal lessons.

To everyone who has emailed me or left a comment, I want you to know that, now that the computer is at least limping along and the 3 months of non-stop house cleaning is over, I will try and start blogging and answering questions again. Please remember, that to your computers, someone writing to you from Uruguay, looks like spam and is often trashed without reaching you. So check your filters and spam settings.

Also, I will probably need a "what's new" post, This week saw voters out electing officials (by law every citizen has to turn out to vote) (note: Jw's handle it like registering for the draft at 18 yrs. old in the USA) next week is to elect a President.

There was a fierce wind storm with lightening last night (Oct.28th). Today, I was to clean for my 2 ladies but they called to tell me there was a bus strike today (Oct 29th). Just as well, It rained and thundered with lightening all day so we rescheduled.

 Also the camp site in Marindia has since closed.

I was too busy to look into any other camp sites for the reader who wants to camp here in December. There are a couple of sites in La Floresta a few cities north of here. MAYBE, in November, I'll find something out about them, now that I have more free time.

To another reader, as far as I know I'm not "allergic" to wool but a mix of synthetic and wool will be less itchy so a mixed wool blend knitted cap would be nice if the offer is still open. I probably, sadly, missed that window of opportunity.

Okay, that about wraps it up!
I have more home projects in the works and some more interesting city projects taking place around town. So I hope, you'll check in next month! I hope to have a better month as well!