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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Almost A Millionaire

Some years ago a young friend of ours got married. Since I couldn't attend his bachelor party, I thought I would add to the atmosphere. So I wrote and printed out on my inkjet, a little brochure entitled "3 Steps to a Harmonious Marriage". I managed to condense 0ver 30 years of practical wisdom into a little 8 page brochure. Actually, I had intended to write a book, but my terse style of commentary only got me 8 small pages of text. My wife read, proof read and approved the text. From that you may gather that the advice contained is feminine friendly and men do well to read, but not share the information.

Anyway, it was a hit at the party and I printed up several more a gag gifts. Everyone who read it thought it was great (obviously my circle of friends does not include any editors for major publishing houses). I sent one to my father in California and he thought it was great. Hence, I began to formulate and plan that would earn me one million dollars.

Here is how it went. I had 1,000 of the booklets professionally printed (just to get the ball rolling) on nice slick paper, with a 2 color cover (nothing fancy or overly expensive). I priced the booklet at $2.95, figuring this in keeping with some offerings in the greeting card section of most supermarkets. I planned to market online, as one option and obtained the appropriate website and set up a store offering the book, postage paid for $2.95 each and additional copies at a discount. I contacted several wedding planner trade shows, thinking this would be a great hand out for some booth. I also sent several hundred to my Dad who was sure he could sell them easily. I figured that taking out printing costs, shipping and handling costs, that I would clear about $1.00 per booklet. Hence, all I had to do was sell a million of the booklets and voila! I am a millionaire.

Well, after a year on the web with no orders, my Dad's booklets sitting in his closet and me having moved on to other things, my dream of being a millionaire has faded into the distant past. I suppose I will have to resign myself to living here on the beach in Uruguay, LIKE A MILLIONAIRE, but without the money. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure I am giving you a copy of the million dollar book, as thanks for following my blog.

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