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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Denise's Special Day

Today was Denise's birthday. OK- we don't celebrate birthdays, but we do take note of them. Denise therefore didn't expect anything special. From the moment she got up, however, the day started going wrong.

The cat was being a brat and had to be put outside (probably never to be seen again). I had forgotten entirely that my wife was turning over another year (typical of me), so I didn't even comment on how young she was looking. The milk curdled in her coffee and she had to throw it out. Finally, she thought she would just open the verticals and enjoy the beautiful sunny day- but I complained that my favorite show (NCIS) wasn't finished and the glare would ruin my morning show. So she went back to bed. When I went in to check on her- she unloaded. While she didn't expect anything special- something less than a disaster would have been nice. So we set off to have "Denise's Special Day". Now I thought we might visit an expat who just moved into a new house, but Denise informed me that a "special day" did not include things that you do on an ordinary day, so we set out to have a nice experience we could enjoy between us.

We had heard about a little restaurant in Pinamar near the ramp where the fishermen unloaded their boats. So we got the motorcycle out and headed in that direction. After a beautiful sunny ride (though a little chilly), we finally came upon a very charming little restaurant- "Grace's". Grace actually runs a little restaurant out of her house. She lives there and cooks and serves the meals. It looked the proper restaurant with nice tables and chairs.

This is Denise seated in a little private room with Graciela, our host. She speaks beautiful English, having lived in the US for some years and practices regularly with many of her customers.

We were served a lovely baked fish, with vegetables and Grace gave us a welcoming dessert on the house. While we ate, we could look out over the fishermen cleaning the fish out of their nets and occasionally a large truck would pull up and they would load it with some of the fish.

We finished off the day with a visit to a local nursery and Denise made some final purchases for our front entry planters. At home now, with a nice fire going- a day that started out to be a disaster ended up being Denise's Special Day.

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