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Saturday, July 11, 2009

No News is Not Always Good News

Well, we have finally hit the "wall" in Uruguay. After hearing about workers who never finish jobs and businesses that never return calls, we have finally experienced that. To date, we have lost 2 herreros (iron workers), 1 plumber and a cabinetmaker to the "black hole" of Uruguay. Either they have all decided to take vacations in countries that do not have cell service, some freak tragedy has coincidentally struck all of their families at the same time or (more likely) they are following the general course of business in Uruguay.

I am sure that eventually they will contact us again and eventually all of our projects will get done. The funny thing is that everybody complains about being such a poor country, no jobs and no money. However, workers show up after 9 in the morning, take off 1 or more hours for lunch and leave at 4-5 in the afternoon. They also do not return phone calls for possible work or finish work on a regular basis. Could this have something to do with the "supposed" poverty in the country?

Of course, we have a very comfortable house to live in, sufficient food and a wonderful neighborhood, so we are not greatly worried about some loose details. I mainly wanted to let everyone know why progress has not been posted.

This month is our 36th wedding anniversary. We are planning a very short day trip and should have some nice reports on that. Until then.... signing off.


Anonymous said...

....Wally, first the important stuff, "Happy Anniversary", hope you both have a great day.
....Sorry to read of the problems with the contractors....i had a similar problem(long story!) where some guys were supposed to drop a dead tree for me but they were American...they never finished the job and it ended up costing me an extra US$1250.00 (ouch)...eventually got the job done by Mexicans. It looks like you have at least had the bulk of the work done, right??

Anonymous said...

Hi, Wally & Denise, Happy Anniv. Ray & I just had ours 31 on July 8, You have done a really nice job on your remodle. I been on vaction the last week, and have to go back on monday. Tell Denise nothing changed at work, but are Hiring, they Closed the Postland Warehouse as far as Production, we get it all as of Aug.7. Twll Denise they let Larry go this last week. Ray was wondering if you have a email address his is I Haven't heard from Denise in along time, how is she doing? ask her to email me. Thanks LeAnna in Seattle

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the mispell I know I should double check


Arrancopelito said...

Well, at least now you have experienced some of the bad parts, and it´s not so terrible.

I have been waiting for the irrigation guy for two months now. I heard he has so little work he had to lay off a bunch of people, and still, no call or visit from him.

An iron piece for the fireplace never arrived, after being paid for about a year ago. It was leftover from a job the guy did 6 months late to begin with. "I´ll bring it over tomorrow" he said, and am still waiting.

A window I ordered to block the wind from my front door downstairs (perpendicular to the door, looking on to the sea) took so long to be ready that when they told me it was done I told them something rude... and was left without the wind/rain shield. Etc.

But we survive and plough on :-)