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Thursday, July 30, 2009

My $2 Barber

When we lived in Seattle, I hated paying lots of money for a haircut. To me anything close to $10 is a "lot of money" for a haircut (you can see that I am way out of touch). Still, I found a local barber who had a one chair shop, and for years, Tony cut my hair for $4. That I could live with. I would give him a $1 tip, so my haircuts cost $5. I was satisfied. The last few years we lived there, he upped his price to $5, so I paid him $5 and didn't give him a tip (I am bad). Then I purchased an electric barber's razor from Costco and began cutting my hair myself (how much skill does it take to cut your hair 1/4" all over?). When asked "you mean you cut your own hair?", my reply was, "Do you think I would pay to look like this?"

Anyway, that was then and this is now. I have been going to a local barber in Salinas. He actually worked in New York for many years. "Roberto's" of Salinas. He charges 100 pesos (about $4.25) and I have been satisfied-until today, that is.

While on the way to the feria, Denise pointed out a little shop she always passes by. She had noticed the barber standing outside. She got me to ask, since I needed a haircut and Roberto is in the States until October (I would look pretty bad by then) and I was told that he charges 50 pesos for a haircut (a little over $2). He had my interest. Turns out that he did a great job. He told me he had 2 customers from the US, and I told him he now has 3! Being the big spender that I am, I gave him a 10 peso tip (40¢).

By the way- for any who were concerned for my health and welfare, due to the failed anniversary, I am doing much better. The headaches have almost stopped and the ringing in my ears has diminished significantly.

(Photos courtesy of Denise's of Marindia)

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