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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How Could Someone So Smart......

Be So Stupid? And of course I am talking about myself.

This past Tuesday was our 36th anniversary. Coincidentally it was also the 1st anniversary of our house purchase (we closed on our 35th wedding anniversary). We had planned a little trip to Piriapolis, but the weather and other events conspired against us.

So, when Tuesday morning rolled around and I told Denise that I would do anything that she wanted to, today. She simply asked me what would be a romantic thing to have done. Unfortunately I knew the answer to that question and even worse for me, I answered, "Flowers" was my fatal response. Of course, I had not gotten flowers, and so I sealed my fate.

Now, a day later and rueing my lack of any preparation on the previous day- it occurs to me that I should have reviewed my own "3 Steps to A Harmonious Marriage" booklet. The only good thing I can say is that it was not a "multiple of 5 anniversary" (20th, 25th, etc). A failure to properly celebrate a 5'er could have taken years to live down. I can personally attest to from my 20th anniversary fiasco (it wouldn't be until our 23rd anniversary that I recovered). On that fateful 20th, my wife told me that we really didn't need to do anything special to celebrate. And I, being the innocent that I was, believed her. I've learned better, since.

We have talked this through (mainly her talking and me dutifully listening) and I think we may be through the worst. Who came up with the idea of celebrating wedding anniversaries, anyway?

Well, I post this as a warning to those approaching an anniversary. These are dangerous times we live in. It is not wise to anger the person you spend most of your time with. If you don't see any new posts then it has been fun....


Anonymous said...

If you are still alive to read this, Happy Anniversary!


Wally said...

Franklin- thank you. The doctor says I should be up and around soon and that I will regain the full use of most of my limbs. However, I am told I will never play the piano again.