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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Roadwork Updated

You could have knocked us over with feather, when the road crew started coming up our lowly little street. I have previously posted that we didn't expect any improvement, but sure enough I am glad to be proved wrong.

They have completely leveled and brought in load after load of crushed rock, then steamrolled it flat. They have also cut a ditch on the sides and each homeowner is responsible for buying their own concrete culverts (to go under the driveways). We only found out when a neighbor, who had to go away for business, came over and gave us the 900 pesos and asked us to give it to his neighbor to pay for the culverts. We weren't aware that we needed to do that, and the neighbor apologized for failing to ask us. Because he bought in lots of 12, he paid 1/2 price- we had to pay full price for our 4 (but we were happy to do it, so it can be installed by the road crew).

You can see the original sad state of the road. As you can see, it is little more than a dirt driveway. We are not complaining- that is just the way it was. Then you can see the view out of our newly installed windows. Even this picture is not the finished product. They have put several more loads of rock and rolled it as well (some would say the road is a little bit rock and a little bit roll- sorry).

The road is now totally rocked and with a nice crown to shed water. They are installing the drainage ditch and culverts today.

A very unexpected bonus for us, indeed!


Myer said...


It looks like you need to mow that lawn in the front!

The road looks great. I'll update you on email about the club.

Wally said...

If only that was a lawn. A selection of local weeds is more appropriate, at this point. But that will change when the project nears completion.

Anonymous said...

It's really a beautiful area you have there. If I might ask, how much was your home and how old is it? (Or if that is too nosey what are comparable homes in the area?) I have lived overseas my whole life but find myself in my early 50s and may well have to take early retirement. I speak Asian languages aside from English, but no Spanish. My research on Uruguay has really impressed me and I am favoring it over Central America now for retirement destination, though I worry about my money lasting, though I can live a modest lifestyle with my family.

Best regards


Wally said...

Steve, if you want to set up an email account (then abandon it when I reply)and post your email here. I will be happy to respond to you directly and in detail. I started to post an answer, but it just got too involved.

You might start looking at these links, however: (one of our favorites)

We had a list of favorites when we came here, but you should know that things ALWAYS look better in pictures. We ended up with a real estate agent who showed us this house, which was not online, and made the plunge.

Anonymous said...


My email: