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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Going Native

You may remember my earlier post (or substitute "rant" if you will) about the Uruguayan addiction to "dulce de leche", that sweet concoction that finds its way into almost every dessert. The other day I wanted to buy some ice cream, and out of the 7-10 varieties offered, only vanilla came without some form of dulce de leche. As a newcomers, we have wanted to avoid that overly sweet flavor, whenever possible.

That has all changed, now. After last week's water balloon fight and the flan served with dulce de leche, I decided to buy some of the brand that they used. It had a flavor more reminiscent of caramel topping than most of the dulce that we tried. We got it home and tried it on some vanilla ice cream (ironic, isn't it?) and it was delicious. This morning a spoonful or two was consumed straight from the container.

We have succumbed to the love affair that UY has with dulce. We may be going native.

1 comment:

IrishBlogger said...

Haha! This is just the beginning Wally! the addiction will get you eventually! Who knew something as simple as boiled milk and sugar could be so fantastic?!