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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Road Work

Well, even though the big tourist season is over, they are starting on road repair in front of our house and also throughout the Marindia area. I think I have mentioned that we live in a community of dirt roads. Except for the main avenue from the highway to the little traffic circle, all of the rest of the roads are dirt. Some of the roads are very rough, from erosion, since little if any provision is made for drainage.

So it was surprising to see the road crews out, leveling and putting a light topping of crushed rock down, then steamrolling it in. Of course, it won't stay smooth past the first few rains, but it will be an improvement, and the effort is appreciated.

Our road, on the other hand, being so small, will probably never see a road improvement project. It is a hazard to even walk on (you have to watch your step). But at least the Rambla (the road the runs parallel to the beach) will be smooth for a while.

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