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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Product Names

I am sure that these product names are very good names in Uruguay. But when we see them, it evokes a chuckle.

Denise got some cat food at the feria, yesterday- "Blisk" cat food, to be exact. It just seems so close to bliss. Your cat will experience sheer blisk when he tries this.

Does the "Odex" bottle remind you of Windex? Hmmm And yet, some of the products you buy here are imported, or manufactured under the company name. We do buy, for example, Raid bug spray, Heinz ketchup, etc.

"Mr. Musculo" is obvious, but "Blem"? Your furniture will shine more brightly than ever with Blem. I don't know- it sounds too much like blemish or flem (neither sound like a good cleaning product).

Still, other than strange product names, the products themsevles work fine and we are able to get all of the Blisk, Blem and Odex we need.

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