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Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Dangerous Tree

We had one last dangerous tree, that became of more concern after some of the roots had to be cut for the driveway. It started out about a foot from the column of our gate and as you can see, it was about 2 inches away as of this morning.

We had our tree cutter in today and they turned in a spectacular job, climbing up the tree and cutting little by little, so that there was no backlash. With only 2 inches to spare, we didn't want the wall to come down.

There was quite a variation in prices for the job. One guy quoted the job at 4500 pesos ($190 US) but our regular guy charged us 2000 pesos, and cut up the wood for the fireplace, as well. We now have enough wood to see us well into the winter. Unfortunately it is pine, so it will burn fast and a little dirty.

Today (Monday) we have on the agenda: Danny filling up our planters with the soil we had purchased. In addition, we are expected to have visitors from the great state of Hawaii, who are scoping out Uruguay as a possible retirement destination. So we have many things going today and tomorrow doesn't look to be much quieter. Tony (our Brit) had his hip operation, finally and came out successfully this morning.

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