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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nathan Has Arrived

While taking a walk the other day, Denise was approached by one of the many, many stray cats, in a neighborhood not far from here. Other than being very thin and having a little eye infection, it called for her attention.

So the newest member of the family, Nathan, is now on the scene. His eye infection will clear up with the medicine Denise got today from the vet and he has managed to make himself at home, despite the fact that there is hammering and sawing and cement mixers going on all day. He just curls up wherever he wants, as you can see from the hammer pillow he is using.


Anonymous said...

Wally and Denise,
I am so glad to see your new family member! Is there a new dog on the horizon?? Nathan is one cute cat and I know he has found a great home. Take care!

Wally said...

Nathan seems very adaptable to the topsy-turvy environment we have at the moment. We wouldn't want a dog to get that comfortable with tons and tons of people around. Wouldn't be much of a watch dog. So we'll wait for a little quieter setting before taking the dog plunge. Not far away, though.