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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back to School

You would think that giving talks before an audience for over 40 years, and sometimes before crowds over a thousand, that presenting a 5 minute talk on a subject that you are thoroughly familiar with would be no problem. But then imagine you are giving it in a foreign language. Yes, that tends to add a little concern.

But, Denise, ever the trooper, gave her first Spanish talk in the Theocratic Ministry School (TMS), this evening, to the applause of the audience. It must be admitted that everyone who gives their first talk in the school always gets applause, but her talk was worthy of it.

The TMS has been around for well over 60 years, and is a weekly event at our meetings. Talks range from Bible reading highlights, a Bible reading, talks given between women (as in Denise's case) or talks delivered from a platform to the audience. It is a way of preparing Witnesses to talk to others about their faith. But it can be a scary moment. We are always told that the audience is not a critic. And this is very true. The audience, tonight, was rooting for Denise and thrilled that she completed her assignment with flying colors.

She was given material to work with, but developed the setting and dialogue on her own. And with very few corrections by her householder (Carolina), she was happy to be able to write the talk, herself. Normally, a new student is assigned to be a householder, without having the burden of writing and directing the talk. But, apparently, they felt Denise was up to the challenge and she was.

Next week, I will have my first talk. It is a Bible reading. Compared to Denise's part, it is a snap. All I have to do is read the Bible, with no comments. And even this makes me nervous. As far back as 1972, I conducted the TMS. Over the years I have done so in various congregations. Now, I am nervous about a Bible reading (a talk often given to students as young as 8 or 9 years old). Go figure. I won't be posting any video of my reading (it would be anticlimactic), but I do post Denise's talk, for your enjoyment.

The video starts out with us walking to the Kingdom Hall. Yes, the "Krispy Kreme" is broken, again, so we are on foot. We were met on the way first by one sister who lives nearby, and then later by another walking, as well, so we enjoyed our trip to the hall in the company of friends. The parking attendant in front of the hall (wearing the safety vest) is a Uruguayan tradition. We pay 20 pesos per meeting and they help us park and watch the cars. He actually lives nearby our house. We are pleased to have found a house near fellow Witnesses and also within walking distance to the Kingdom Hall. Makes it kinda handy when mechanical difficulties arise.


La Kiki said...

This was great! Denise gave a beautiful part :D

Next Thursday is your turn Wally

Wally said...

Thanks, so much. That made Denise's day.