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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

As Good As It Gets

Well, the cabinets have finally arrived. After almost a year and a half, the job is finished. And as expected, it is rather anticlimactic. It just looks and works like a kitchen ought to. The quality, is OK - not great. However, there is much to be said for it being done, at all. Angles not square, scratches and dents in some of the finishes, miters not flush.... the list goes on and on. But- it is done.

"Es lo que hay" is a common phrase in Uruguay- "That's the way it is..." and it was never truer. Still, and I hope that I make it clear, I am not complaining. The old me (the one who expected things to be done right and on time) would be tearing his hair out (yes I know it probably looks like I already did that). But the new me, who is retired and not all that concerned about things, is satisfied.

We were pleased to be able to find an "artsy" glass for the inset on one of our cabinets. It matches the pattern in the glass block set on each side of the stove. I spent last night and this morning unloading the last of the boxes that have been lying around waiting for space. I think I can safely say that we have a comfortable kitchen, and utilitarian. And despite minor imperfections here and there, the warm wood colors and dark granite tops more than make up for the wait.

This week we will receive the granite top for the bar and except for some minor touches (tile backsplash over the sink and behind the stove), we will be completely finished in the kitchen and moving on to our vegetable garden.


Anonymous said...

wally and denise,
everything looks great! congratulations.
john in hollywood

Wally said...

Good to hear from you, John. Yes-it finally does look like a kitchen.