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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Taking It for Granite

Well, I am tired of writing, thinking and wondering about the kitchen. After almost 2 years, it is a boring, boring, boring subject. But, that having been said, we got the final piece of our cabinetry, today- the granite countertop for our bar area. It is beautiful and provides a wonderful work area, as well as a nice place to sit and watch me work (Denise never tires of that).

The weather has started to get nice. We are still about a month away from official summer weather, but some days it is warm enough for swim trunks.

When I get up in the morning and unlock the shutters, to let in the light, I just marvel that we somehow found this place out of all the places we could have ended up. Far from perfect, but perfect for us.

This coming week we will plan on going to Hecho Aca, the yearly crafts show in Montevideo. Perhaps we will find some little pieces of tile for behind the sink and stove, or some bar stools, or who knows what. It is a fun trip, whether we find anything or not.

This weekend, besides anything else is "work on the VW" time. I just can't seem to find out why it is not running correctly, and none of the mechanics that I have I have used are calling me back (sound familiar). So I decided that rather than wait a year for the car to be fixed that I would roll up my sleeves and dig in. Some people do this as a hobby. We'll see how it turns out. Right now, I am supporting a local parts supplier, by replacing items one at a time. Nothing has improved it so far, but I got a lot of nice new parts. Naturally, it will be the last part I change....  Isn't it always that way?


Tom said...

Back in the day when I traveled the world in my VW bus there was a book called the Idiots Guide to VW Repair or something like that. A big white book with a spiral binding. They published yearly updates for many years and were really fantastic. I actually rebuilt an engine using that book (and some tools). If you let me know what year your bug is I can look for an old book for you. TomAtAlki

Wally said...

Tom- I have the Chilton's and a few other guides. It is an '82, but the problem is the Brazilian manufacture stuck with some of the old design and some of the new. Besides, if I had a really foolproof guide, who could I blame when I fail!

Anonymous said...

Mate, you really look like a happy camper. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself over there. I wish I could be home myself, but I'll never be able to earn as much as I do now if I go back. But you bet I'll be back by retirement.

Seamus said...

"Naturally, it will be the last part I change.... Isn't it always that way?"

It does seem that way, and if you think about it, it absolutely is and MUST be that way. For once you have replaced the part that fixes the problem, be it the first or tenth part, there's no reason to replace any more parts!