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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Down On The Corner, Out in the Street.

Okay, It wasn't early in the evenin' just about supper time, nor were we near the courthouse but that song by John Fogerty and Creedance Clearwater revival kept playing in my head. I found myself this morning "Down on the corner, out in the street" with Wally (not Willy) waiting at the corner of Avenida Italia and Avda Bolivia (near the Portones mall) for a van to show up and drop off our newly built bar stools. The man assured us that we WOULDN'T be able to find his shop, Hence an arranged meeting was set up. So after driving to the outskirts of MVD we waited and waited. Neither of us knew, which direction the truck would come from, at that very busy intersection. We didn't even know what the truck would look like. Wally and I choose different corners to better stake out the place.

As you recall from a previous post we ordered these bar stool from a vendor in the Expo. Hecho Aca (Made here), that means we had never been to the maker's shop. Normally we ask for things to be "envio"(sent) to our house but it would have cost about $1000 pesos ($50 US) to have this done as we live past the toll bridge ($100 pesos  in tolls {$5 US} round trip) and a 40 min drive from MVD. Since we are trying to keep costs down we decided to pick it up our self. (We only pay $20 pesos Rt) and saving $45 IS a big deal for us!

Did I mention, that we waited and waited and yes waited for this drop off (No, we hadn't paid yet! so don't worry). With that song in my head and me whiling away the morning. (Oh I forgot, Wally didn't have our cellular phones loaded with any minutes) So while we waited I took some photos, so you can now wait along with me! (no I don't hate you), I just thought you'd like to see my hangout spot.

 I decided to check out this Lioness sculpture that I had often driven passed but now had the time to fully examine! Two cubs are at her feet ready to eat the kill she has provided for them (a bird) It's a cool stature but someone has sadly "Tagged it". Graffiti is very much a trendy expressionist art form as I came to learn about after seeing the movie "Exit Through  The Gift Shop"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
However, defacing the art work of another is just wrong! Hey, what ever happened to finding a blank wall? (not endorsing that method but at least I could understand the blank canvas mentality) Painting a few initials on something is lazy and mean (in my opinion)!

While waiting, I looked around and thought how nice this one section of side walk near the lioness was. It was cobble stoned, so I took a photo of that.  Then being bored, I remembered how the leaf cutter ants leave such deep trails in their pursuit of denuding in a day any plant they set decide to go after, so another photo to show you that! The 'leaf cutter ants" are very much a topic among expats so a trail pic can help you be "IN the loop" on that discussion.

I then remembered that, I should be looking up in case I saw our delivery truck. I decided some people watching, was in order. Here just like in NYC (New York City, USA) vehicles are often asked if they want their windshields washed while they are waiting for the light to turn to green. Two such glass cleaners were working on adjacent corners dashing out into the street on red lights and soliciting such jobs. They looked like brothers, both tall, thin build and surprising dark as Uruguay doesn't have a large black population at all! One washer was a little more sedate than the other one wearing brighter attire, two people different but alike! I always find the many motorcycles here interesting. Most expats will mention this as well because of the number of people/children/ladders/business ventures carried on them. I once saw 2 riders holding a lawn mower and a ladder whizzing by me all on one motorcycle! Today just a little cart motorcycle combo can be seen in the photos.

Finally, I crossed the street to look closer at this rather large iron work of art and try and figure out what it was. I decided on a triple shot so you can read the sign that accompanies the piece! It says it's the tree of life depicted and of time? Then I saw an iron Apple near it so that depicts the Garden of Eden tree although the exact fruit was Never Named in the Bible An "Apple" was just traditionally added by word of mouth.

In case your wondering, I asked Wally to call the company to see how much longer we had to wait! He gave me some money I went to the nearby gas station (see Wally standing under it's sign in photo). I brought a calling card used their payphone and found out their truck had BROKEN DOWN! They couldn't reach us by phone to let us know! Note to self bug Wally to keep minutes on his phone! After letting them know we didn't feel like hanging around until 4:30 when they thought it make get fixed! We arranged for a delivery on Monday Morning, at which time I'll be again "Down on the corner, out in the street! (We'll call first, however!)


Anonymous said... folk sure have had some rough times with your kitchen !!!


Denise said...

Thanks, for the sympathy Ned! "They" say that "Patience is a virtue" It's a much needed quality in any new environment. On the one side if we had lots of money we could have just had the stools delivered! On the other hand, I got to see 2 city art projects close up and had another story to tell for my blog. Somethings ARE worth more than MONEY! I'll keep telling myself that! :O)

Geraldo said...

Denise - I have seen images from a town called Mélo, close to the Brazilian border, where the guy carried four gas canisters on his motocycle. Is that allowed there?

Gabriel said...

Hi, I just came across your article, I'm from Uruguay (Mercedes)but have lived in Hawaii en Orlando and now living in NZ. I couldn't stop laughing when you made the comment about the motorcycles loaded, I remember myself on the back of a Honda 90 cc, holding a 200 lt (50 gal) metal drum over my head while my friend was driving, God, it was a fight against the wind. But something nice to remember now.
Geraldo, I'm pretty sure that it's not allowed but for many people the bike is a work tool, and traffic inspectors tend to look to another side.
Anyway, thank you for the memories. Cheers, Gabriel.