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Monday, November 8, 2010

Life's a Beach!

The other night I felt particularity appreciative about our choice of location to live in. Not only am I finally settling into this house with the arrival of our last kitchen cabinets ( the kitchen as anyone knows is the heart of a home) but I'm also enjoying the day to day rhythm of life at/near the beach.

I felt so moved that I posted a photo on my facebook page and went on waxing poetic about my feelings. Here's that same photo and what I said.

"To see forever! I love my never ending always changing water view. At night I can see the lights of ships in the distance. I love seeing storms approaching and how the water takes on different color hues. This photo is a combo of blue and tan with a bird on a wire taking it all in like me.

Every morning, Wally bless his heart, goes outside and opens all the shutters so I can awaken to a full blown view of the water. Even the cat gets to enjoy the view on his new granite window seat perch (much to Wally's dismay, since it's in the kitchen)

 The only problem with such a gorgeous, easily attainable water view is that, I never have to leave the house to enjoy it. I watch people walking and playing on the beach while not actually being there myself!

Yesterday, was such a spectacularly warm, sunny, clear day that It fairly "shouted" out to me to "Come outside"! ,"Leave your house" and physically, not just mentally be a part of the beach! So I got my flip flops on and ventured out of my nest. As I was walking down my driveway, I started to smell that water/sea breeze you get at the beach, I also started to kick myself for not taking advantage more often of the 3 minute walk to the actual sand and waves. I literally said to myself "We (thinking of Wally still inside, not the royal WE) are the stupidest people in the world for not going down to the water everyday and enjoying it in person!" I started to feel great, I was about to be part of the beach scene.

  Going down the beach path, I took off my thongs, zorries or flipflops depending on what part of the USA you're from and what you call them. I saw people swimming in the water and others fishing. All the while thinking "I'm finally smart, joining them". Then I started to notice something else! At first it was a slow nagging at the back of my brain "What was that SMELL!" Then I SAW IT! Hundreds of DEAD fish lining the coast as far as I could see! I saw a man setting up his fishing pole kicking several dead fish out of his way to make a place for himself! I saw people stepping over dead fish and children making sand castles nearby them! All the while my  North America  sensibilities were now, shouting to me to "Leave" "Run back home","This sinks, literally!" Okay, so now I'm thinking maybe I'm NOT the stupidest person in the world nor Wally (still back home, INSIDE, being smart).

I now think, learning to appreciate what you enjoy at any given moment and not over thinking it or wishing for more is the smartest choice of all. Obviously the people still down at the beach with all those dead fish were enjoying themselves on their Sunday afternoon! They weren't BBQ ing with friends or hiking instead, so who am I to judge!

Now, I enjoy my never ending always changing water view from inside the comfort of my house and make no apologies for that. By the way, did I ever mention that I have jasmine in bloom, growing outside my back window? I'm keeping that window open surrounding myself with perfumed air inside my house, while keeping the front water side operable windows firmly closed! 

I did venture outside again, back down to the beach to take pictures of the Dead fish and ask, ¿Por qué? pointing to all the dead fish. That was all I could say, as I promptly forgot whether fish were male or female due to the stench and realizing that the word "ALL" or todos would have to change to todas or todos depending on the fishes' sex and also the word Muerto for dead could become muerta or  stay muerto depending on fish being a male or feminine word. Amid the stench I didn't feel like forming two different questions to cover my lack of gender knowledge of fish! ¿Por qué, todos los peces muertos?  However when fish are out of the water they are called pescado, so since these were out of the water being DEAD I perhaps would have had to say ¿Por qué todos los pecados muertos? or  thanks to Mauro for commenting I now know that ¿Por qué todas pescas muertas? is wrong for two reasons #1 because fish are Boys!!! (generally), #2 The word Pesca, means fishing not fish! For some reason I thought that was the word for fish? So now you know why just pointing and asking WHY? goes a long way, welcome to my world!

All I do know is that Life's a Beach!

PS;The reason the coast was littered with dead fish today was due to a change in the salt content in the water or as the people said Cuando el agua dulce cambio con el agua sal los peces muertos.  What looks like an ocean to us, is actually still considered the Rio de la Plata, a fresh water muddy river that flows out of it's source along the coast and leads to the true Ocean the Atlantic. Reports from people up and down the coast in various cities reported seeing the dead fish strung out in line along the coast.


femur said...

un pez = one fish
un pescado = one fish (after being fished)
fish is male but some fish species are female in spanish like sardines (sardinas) or anchovies (anchoas)
Regards ;)


Denise said...

Thank you so much Mauro! Muchas gracias Mauro! I rewrote a section in the blog post itself and gave you full credit for the language correction. I always appreciate help especially with the Spanish language! I wish dictionaries would include the plural forms of words especially when the stem changes. For instance as you said 1 fish is pez. However more than 1 is peces! I had to google that to find out. So thanks again!

Denise said...

To all the readers of this blog.I am sorry for the repeat posting of this entry but felt I needed to correct the Spanish contained in this post.