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Friday, May 1, 2009

A Tale of Two Lamps

Once upon a time, in a quiet kingdom, there was a nice little house for sale, overlooking the beach. A couple from a faraway country came to find this house and moved to this enchanting land.

This nice little house had a nice little living room, several bedrooms, a dining room and a nice little kitchen. This nice little kitchen had a nice little hanging lamp in the center of the room. The lamp wasn't a bad lamp-it had served its owners well- it just didn't fit into their redecorating plans. For many months the couple looked and looked and looked to find a lamp that they could put in the kitchen, because they wanted a whole new look.

They looked high and low and finally found a magical shop, full of marvelous items in the main city of the realm. It was called La Ibérica and there was found the most perfect hanging lamp that would fit perfectly in that nice little kitchen.

Finally the kitchen was starting to get ready, and the husband went into the capital to find the shop. Lo and behold- the lamp was still there and still for sale. And so he bought it and brought it home to his wife, who was overjoyed to finally get the little lamp of their dreams for their new kitchen under construction. But when the new lamp was set on the floor next to the old lamp that had been taken out- guess what! It looked much the same. In fact, except for the color and a few odd differences- they were the same lamp. And what do we learn from this? I'll be darned if I can tell you- it's as much a mystery to me as it is to you.

Anyway, we are underway in the kitchen. The ceiling is sheetrocked and finally the ugly pipes carrying hot air to the back rooms are covered.

We are fast approaching finishes on many of our projects.  It is just starting to get cold. Haven't had to fire up the stove, yet- but that day is not far away.

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