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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Opening The House

Each morning when I get up, I open up the house.  Let me describe what "opening up the house" entails. This will include all present and future installations. Now when we moved in here, I had no intention of installing bars and locking the shutters. Even now, while many people warn us about the need for security, I still do not really feel that all that we are doing is necessary. Nevertheless, since Denise is such a worry wart, we have proceeded with the "locking of the keep". So here is how it proceeds.

First of all, "opening up the house" involves at least 4 key lanyards and at least a dozen keys. There are 2 secure locks on each of the 3 heavy wooden shutters. Then there is the lock on the large sliding gate to the back yard. Then the sliding door from the kitchen has its own push lock, in addition to the double lock on the external bars. Then there is the lock from the BBQ area to allow access to the deck. Finally there is the lock on the front door shutter, double locks on the front door bars and the lock on the new front door. I don't bother unlocking the old front door (or it's own set of bars), unlocking the laundry room door or unlocking the sliding bars over the kitchen window. I am sure that I have missed some locks or some bars (it is very wearying). But I think you get the point.

When the house has been "opened", the coffee can be made. By then I am bushed and need to take a nap. Its a big job "opening the house".


Anonymous said...

Might as well add an alarm too,pack of hounds...why not..!!! It's like living in a prison behind bars all day..!!!

Wally said...

Actually I forgot to mention the alarm that signals via cellular phone.

I think we got 15-20 with time off for good behavior.

Anonymous said...

Well better safe than sorry..

Anonymous said...

Are you in a high crime neighborhood? Is there a history of break ins and midnight rape and pillage?

Tom (from Alki)

Wally said...

Tom- I really do not think this is a high crime neighborhood. However, during the winter months, there are few full-time neighbors, hence an area more likely to be burgled. So usually precautions are taken when you are away from the home. My wife just happens to be super security conscious (paranoid if you will).

Can't say whether there is much raping and pillaging in the midnight hour- I usually get to bed before that time, but I doubt it. Pillaging, maybe, but probably not raping.

Anonymous said...

Better have strong pants to hold all those keys...he he he

Wally said...

About the pants, the local store that delivers our food had a promotion during the summer. They gave out key lanyards with each delivery. I now have a supply of lanyards that will last for years and years.

What I need is a strong neck!