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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kitchen Underway

Well, we are officially underway with the kitchen. Other than completing the tile, the kitchen is the last of the inside work. The ceiling has been completed (hiding all that ugly ductwork that we have been looking at for months). The electrician has finished wiring in new outlets, and lighting. And the first of our kitchen cabinets have arrived.

When we first moved in, the little cabinets on the left housed a 100L water heater and a broom closet and shelves. Since we installed a solar water heater, we no longer needed the space for an electric tank. We decided to relocate the refrigerator to that space and open up the kitchen area for a wrap around counter workspace. The cabinet maker installed the new cabinets yesterday and we are very pleased with the results. The slim cabinet on the right covers over the water valves and piping, and we still have a little cabinet on the left and some overheads for storage. Without the refrigerator hogging the rest of the kitchen- it looks huge! It really isn't however (its only 10' x 10'), but without the refrigerator, and with the open look we have kept, it looks much, much larger.

This coming week will see the kitchen walls finished and painted and then we will be awaiting the rest of the cabinets. We will have space for a small bar with 2 stools. We also had a fake beam built to separate the living room from the Kitchen, so we end up with 3 separate spaces, but the 8' openings contribute to a very open architecture.

It looks like our first anniversary for this house will be marked by having our house in order. We will be left with landscaping which we will set to work on in November and December. But the winter should be nice and cozy.


Anonymous said...

Wally: Saw your blog while searching for Marindia on the Internet. How far are you from Bajada 7?

Wally said...

We are 1 block away. We can see the it from our terrace.

Anonymous said...

Send me email at,I have a relative (a retired physician from CA) living just down the street from you! I absolutely love Marindia, it's always a fun time.