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Friday, April 24, 2009

Cat Spa

Just as Nate has settled in, he has finally learned what a thoughtful family that he has been adopted into. We have provided the finest set of toys. Here are some of his favorites: wooden block, string, rolled up paper towel, toilet paper roll, plastic box, clothespin and last, but not least a little piece of white rock from his cat box (unused, of course). The little piece of rock may be his favorite. He is like some superstar soccer player with it, running it down the corridor and flipping it into the air.

And he has also gotten used to his newest acquisition, the cat spa. He couldn't believe that we had installed his own spa, complete with jets, right next to the toilet. He spends hours in there. He even enjoys the water.

Nate has also learned some tricks. He is able to unroll all of the toilet paper from the wall holder. I wish he would unlearn that one.

Work continues on the kitchen and they are putting in the supports for the drop ceiling. Aldo has a new helper, Miguel, so things are moving along nicely. The electrician has already roughed in many of the circuits, so we are finally on our way to a new kitchen. We are currently eating from the local restaurants, but I hope to get back to home cookin' soon.

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Jamie said...

Hey there Wally,
Glad to see that Nathan is settling in so well. I sympathize about the toilet paper. Shadow thinks that is great fun also. I have had to keep the door closed. Then, Nathan can't use his spa. Let us know what you come up with. The pictures are great and you two have come a long way in less than a year. Remind Denise to email soon. Have a grat weekend!