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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Color At Last!

We turned a corner this weekend. Of course, a neighbor informed us that our next door neighbor has petitioned the city to rework the street and widen it. When they did all the work this summer, they left the street impassible by more than one car at a time. So we may have to take out a small portion of the bottom of the drive, if that comes to pass.

We also finally finished painting all of the walls and ceilings inside the house. We have selected colors that are stunning and vivid. I think with a very little work, our kitchen would look at home in any mexican restaurant. Since we have so much light coming into the house, we wanted to tone it down with rich, vibrant colors (sounds pretty cool, huh?)

As with anything, the paint never looks like your estimation of the paint chip, and even if it did, it never looks like you thought it would. We both love the deep red in the kitchen and the green in the living room is very nice. I chose the marigold color for the kitchen and Denise has finally come to terms with it, this evening (with the help of a Fernet and Coke).

Monday the cabinet maker will bring in the first parts of the kitchen and we will be underway on the final stages. But for now, all of the very dusty work is completed and we are beginning the cleanup process which will take week. There is dust in virtually each and every nook and cranny (and we forgot to bring our cranny cleaners with us) which will take hours to remove. After looking at the photos, it looks like I had some dust on the lens, but I'm not reshooting. When we are completely finished, we will feature a complete walk through.

But we are thrilled at the prospect of actually starting to live here, finally. And just in time so that we are not having to do this work in the winter. It looks like next summer is going to be a good one!


Anonymous said...

Wally and Denise: Congratulations, your house is looking great! I especially like the red wall in the kitchen. I've been wanting to paint a wall in my family room that exact same colour. Could you tell me what it's called? ( I agree that colours never turn out as they looked in the colour samples)
Thanks and regards,

Wally said...

Ximena- the paint is Inca paint (mate finish) and the color is "Orquidea Rubi". We are happy with it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! If the weather is not too bad we are going to be painting the living-room and family room in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Wally, things are looking good...i had better hurry and book my air ticket as i don't want to miss the house warming party!! :)


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for almost two years now - I feel right at home! Thanks for taking the time to share so much in the middle of all your remodeling chaos!:p

I've also been reading Southron's forum to get a feel for the expat situation in Uruguay, but that fourm has been offline for some time now - what happened?

Wally said...

p- glad you have followed along. I've been a little sick, but soon I will publish a very long virtual walk through with all the latest developments....