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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Wierd Day

This is truly a wierd day. Tony's car was not repaired yesterday, so we canceled work and we've had a day off on Wednesday. It was a hot day (mid 80's) and lots of sun, with the occasional cooling breeze.

Had a nice breakfast and coffee and while sitting here, I thought about our Seattle house, compared to our Marindia house. You may remember that Denise really did a nice landscaping job on the back yard in Seattle. And the year before we left, I built a very nice deck, against the commercial building that backed up our lot. To hide the stark metal building, somewhat, Denise found a hand painted backdrop of a south sea destination. When we put that up, you could look out the kitchen window and see the deck and that painted picture.

Our Marindia house has this type of view from the kitchen window. Now I don't know about you, but the hand painted backdrop is not as nice as the real thing.

Another thing that made this a wierd day was the weather. Remember hot and mid 80's? But at around 3:00pm, it got a little cloudy and soon began to rain. Then thunder and then lots of rain and finally (and you are going to have to take my word on this)- HAIL! Yes, hail. And not small little hail, but pretty good size balls of ice. Now it didn't hail long and the hail didn't stay around long at all, and now at 4:30- it is crystal clear and sunny and warm, again. I guess weather in Uruguay is like weather in Seattle. If you don't like the weather, wait a little and it will change.

The picture at the left is from today (Thursday), since I decided to add one more photo of the view (at 8:00 am in the morning). Now those of you who know me may be amazed at my reduced waist size. Do not be fooled- there was major "gut suckage" going on while Denise took the picture. I have lost some weight, and I obviously have a tan- but I've got a long way to go before I actually look like this picture.


jamie said...

Does the weather make you miss Seattle Wally? From the pictures, probably not. The house is coming along nicely. The two of you are missed and thought of often. Remind Denise to check her email.
Hugs to both of you!!

Wally said...

Actually, with the exception of the warmer weather and not that much rain- the weather is very similar. It definitely has seasons, and we have yet to experience summer. I am pretty sure that Denise will LOVE the hot weather.

Eddie said...

Yeah, I have to admit that your current view is much more realistic than the one in Seattle. You definitely have a great location.
As far as hail in Uruguay, it didn't surprise me at all. It brought back memories of a hot spring afternoon on the beach in Colonia in 1967. We saw the cloud coming, just a small thunderstorm, so we decided to stay and let it blow over. As the cloud got closer, we could see how furiously it was agitating the water. When it came ashore, we found out that it was hail, so we did the best we could by covering our heads with our towels. The hail was marble-sized, but only lasted around 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Hay Wally and Denise,
You and the house are looking great. Wondering about the water temperature. Is it swimmable?

Tom and Nancy, Seattle