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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Tale of Two Mixers

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. We we are on our 2nd cement mixer. The first mixer went through 3 motors (each one lasting no more than a day) before we returned that one and got the one you see pictured. Most of the equipment sold here is Chinese (and cheap Chinese, at that). The first mixer we bought had the height to mix a batch of concrete and pour directly into a wheelbarrow (we are on our 3rd wheelbarrow). In Uruguay, if they use a mixer, they mix the concrete then pour it on the ground and shovel into buckets to move the load.

We had hoped the first mixer would work out, but it didn't. So, we bought a common mixer (it has lasted for weeks, now) and Tony our helper, built this little platform to allow us to pour directly into the wheelbarrow, thus saving one step.

We finally received the gate for our back yard. It was delivered yesterday. From the look of it, we are going to be locked up like Fort Knox. It is very, very solid.

The electrician is here, he is upgrading the old fuse box with new breakers. I am impressed that the work is being done very professionally. He has already found several splices in the middle of some of the old wires that he has pulled out. They will be replaced with unbroken runs directly through conduit to the breaker box.


Michael Smith said...

That's a serious gate. Is it customary to have large walls (look like 8 foot walls) and a gate of that type for security or is there another reason?

Denise said...

Dear Michael,
Crimes against persons are few here but the majority of crime is theft of personal property. If they can get into your home they will and they will steal from you. So it's important to make that hard to do. All homes here have bars on the windows.

If you can also afford it you have a contract with a security company that answers your alarm system. Houses have the name of the alarm company prominently displayed all around the house. We made our walls higher than usual to discourage even thinking about trying to enter.