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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

These Photos Just In

Well, I broke down and bought a camera, today. Nice little Vivitar, priced well below the Canon camera that we had been using.

These are the back steps that Tony installed (he is grouting, today). He took some of the slate we pulled out of the front yard and did "crazy paving" as the Brits call it.

                                                  Slate, tile and a little
rock planter make a very interesting corner. With the trashy trees and bushes removed from the back yard near the Denise's vegetable garden, she hopes to start eating fresh produce soon. I am sure it will rival the garden she had in Seattle. She already has some tomatoes, lettuce and squash plants growing in the black plastic bags full of soil. It will probably be too late for a regular crop by the time we get our raised planters built.
So work continues and by Friday we hope to be making progress rather than backtracking...

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