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Friday, November 28, 2008

Things Are Shaping Up

The electrician finished up this week. His work tended to be a little expensive (we took his bid, and he ended up working 2 6-hour days at a little over $100/day), but he did a great job. He replaced the old fuses in the original electric box with new breakers (would it have killed him to make the mounting strip level?) and installed a GFCI switch, as well. I probably will use him to install a new main cable from the meter to the house, despite the cost, since he did the job right and I learned by watching.

Then he wired in lighting options for the front patio and hooked them up to a convenient set of switches inside the house (shown in the inset of the photo at right). There will be on circuit for the two entry post lights, another for some colored mood lighting against the walls and a third for a small fountain.


Eddie said...

It's looking better and better every time you post updates, Wally. It looks like your projects will be finished before we move down to Colonia, and even better, you'll be highly experienced, just in time to help me with my projects......



Wally said...

I am sure that I will be experienced in all the things you should not do. I think just about everything we have done is wrong (at least the first time). However, as a friend once pointed out, "It's not a mistake if you can correct it."