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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Frog Turds

Today's post will be without photos (partly due to the nature of the post and partly due to the fact that I have not visited Tienda Inglesa to buy a new camera).

For several days we have noticed tiny little turds near the back door and near the laundry. I have never seen a little dog in the area that would produce such leavings. However, today Tony told me that those are frog turds. Man! I would never believe, nor have ever seen, any before. In fact, until I was told that, I never actually put any thought to how frogs and toad do their "business". Mystery solved.

Yesterday was a disaster. A tractor came in to remove about 3-4 stumps and when he left, the place looked like the aftermath of WWII. We had had some tall trees removed because everybody told us "pine trees have a very shallow root system". The guy who cut the trees told is it was a good idea. The guy who came in to take the roots out told us that it was necessary to remove all three, because he probably would have disturbed the roots on the 2 smaller trees when he removed the large tree stump.  We chose to "make things simple" by having them all removed. So much for "making things simple".


Anonymous said...

Seen the movie the money pit???? You gotta watch people like a hawk when they're working for you.. !!!

Wally said...

Yes- of course this would be entitled the "Peso Pit". Still, when all is said and done, I think we will still have a place that we could never afford to live in (in the US) and have it for less than a good quality trailer and small patch of land. And even though we may have been able to do without removing the trees, I think in the long run it will be much more pleasing (in the long, long, long, long,long run)......