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Monday, July 14, 2008

Walk to Parque del Plata

Today was another one of those brutal winter days (60+ degrees, clear and sunny), so we decided to walk north, this time- towards Parque Del Plata. It was a wonderful walk and the rambla (seaside drive) is paved all the way, with beautiful wooden stairs leading to the beach at about every other street. Many people out fishing today. Have not seen anyone catch a fish, yet, but I don't think that is the full purpose. As we walked and looked at all the beautiful houses on the rambla, with their beautiful view of the water- we get more and more anxious to get into our new house and start making it our own.

We saw this neat little service station in Las Toscas. We had seen some houses in Los Toscas, but never actually saw the commercial center. We thought it was very active and provided many services. Most of the houses we saw in Las Toscas were off the water and one was even on the other side of the highway, so none of those had interested us. If we could have found a house on the water in Las Toscas, I think we would have been there- but it, too, is probably pretty hectic in the "high" season.

Just before coming home, we stopped into a small restaurant. We were going to get pizza, but they hadn't run up the oven, yet. You see, the pizzas are made in wood fired ovens (cool, huh?). So we just ordered a hamburger, each. At least I thought we were getting "a" hamburger. What we actually got was a milanesa on a bun with lettuce and tomatoe. I am not complaining, since it was delicious- but a lot of food, and if you notice from the photo- each of us got 2! That turned out to be our dinner. Then we took the bus back to Atlantida- stopped in at Baipa's for some delicious confections. They have the best I've ever tasted, little bite sized delicacies. That will end our day nicely.

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