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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Walk to Marindia

We walked on the beach from Atlantida (where we are currently staying) to Marindia (our soon-to-be new home). It is about a 5 mile walk on what turned out to be a sunny day with 68 degree weather. I took my shirt off, but out of consideration for the locals, I didn't wear shorts. Near the famous eagle of Atlantida (El Aguila) we saw this family fishing. The Eagle was built by millionaire Natalio Michelizza as a place to think and read and it is one of the best known landmarks around. Of interest is the tractor below the eagle. There is a program underway to dry the beaches out for the "season". There were several tractors on the section we walked all combing up the sand. The fish were literally jumping out of the water about 50 yards off shore. And there were a few gill nets placed perpendicular to the shore that we say. It is said that much of the commercial fishing is done within sight of the beaches.

then back at Atlantida (on the right).. It was a long walk, but we thoroughly enjoyed being able to walk, almost by ourselves, except for less than a dozen people, some walking their dogs, some picking up little stones and some fishing. Great exercise, but we took the bus back from our walk to Marindia. After dinner, we heard the unmistakeable sound of Candombe drums (traditional African/Uruguayan rythm). There areStanding at the Eagle, we looked toward Marindia (on the left), the 3 types of drums, each playing their special parts. The base drum (called piano) plays a very regular rhythm, the chico (smallest) plays an important and steady beat and the tenor drum can improvise. There are drum groups, especially practiced by young people in all districts and cities, that play all year around, and then especially compete at Carnival. During the weekends, in Atlantida, one of the local groups will form and walk around the city drumming. We took this picture out front of the apartment (sorry that it is so dark and grainy).

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