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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Couple of Quiet Days

I've been a little under the weather. My back decided it didn't like laying up in bed watching TV, so I've been giving it a rest. Actually, after the big Friday activity- nothing is on the horizon before next Monday, when we go to Maldonado for our official application for residency. Then there will also be the effort to free our money and be able to use it.

As I sit here this morning- thinking about the rapid steps we've made and seemingly rash moves- I'm satisfied. Denise and I have always been quick to make decisions. We are both thrilled with the choices we have made. Our friends, Syd and Gundy tried to pound some sense into our heads. They were no doubt substituting for my father and sister who would have given us the same advice. They told us we should delay signing the boleta (sales contract) until after we had looked at more houses. They were certain we could have found a better place for better money. They were probably right. There is always something better. Nobody has bought the only and best deal in town. However, when you find the place that you want to buy- it is best to stop looking. So, we have put our real estate listings aside and are focusing on the steps we need to take to make this house comfortable, year around.

We anticipate being new homeowners, possibly in this month. Until then stayed tuned for upcoming adventures- but not today.

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