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Friday, July 18, 2008

Parroquia del Cristo Obrero

We walked towards Canelones, yesterday about 5 miles out of town to see the Catholic school that is an architectural sightseeing destination in Atlantida. It was quite a walk, especially in bitter winter weather (60+ degrees and sunny- eat your heart out). When we arrived, it was a little disappointing. The architecture, as you can see, is quite striking, but the setting is definitely very rural and the neighborhood rather run down. We took a little walk around the neighborhood. Despite the fact that it was not a prosperous area, you could see that the people took as good a care of their houses as they could. Many yards were nicely kept. While walking there- we remarked how secure we felt. If this were a suburb of Tijuana, even in broad daylight I would not have felt comfortable. But here, in Uruguay- no fear. It was just a residential area. Nearby there was an abandoned railway station. Estacion Atlantida. Apparently there was a train system that ran on those old rails. Actually looked serviceable, and the station was for sale. Thought briefly about buying the station, opening a theme restaurant, but then the warmth of the sun brought sanity back to me and I just kept walking.

We saw a car for sale. We have decided that we probably won't get a car, at first. But we are looking into a little 200cc motorcycle, just to get us back and for to the market for daily supplies. Look at the picture. Can you see the for sale sign? If you look closely, you will see a water jug sitting on top of the car. This is a Uruguayan "For Sale" sign. They don't post prices, but it does indicate the car is up for sale.

On the way back, we decided to take the bus. We waited for what seemed like hours. This is a bus stop ("Parada") in UY. Some have concrete seats and a roof, but most are just stops by the side of the road. No seats, not even a stump. Fortunately there was some shade from the sun. Apparently the buses to Canelones (the direction of the school) don't run as often as those in town. But eventually we got back, and were happy to see our own little stretch of beach in front of the hotel. Only 1 1/2 months of winter weather left. I think we will be able to hold out.

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