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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Making Headway

We finally made a little headway on our kitchen project. No, don't get excited. The upper cabinets have not yet been installed. After a year and 3 months, we are beginning (?) to wonder. We have given our old cabinetmaker, who did a wonderful job, this next weekend to finish the job, or we will get them from another carpintero.

But we did have a bar made and it was installed today. We will have a granite top, ordered from our local marmoleria, we have always been satisfied with their work (they come to your home and measure).  The quality of this new bar is err "acceptable" and the price is well, too high (the job cost $800 US), but it is finished and installed all within 14 days! So you gotta love that. And after everything is said and done, having anything completed is almost a miracle.

The weather is really starting to turn deliciously warm, during the days. We can now sit out on the front patio and read or study, while the newly installed fountain bubbles away. Life is good!

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Seamus said...

Wally, it just occurred to me that if you had ordered your kitchen cabinets made of masonry, they would have been finished and installed a very long time ago.