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Friday, October 22, 2010

Flying Pigs

Well, you had better be on the lookout for flying pigs during the next week. I say this because we had a visit from the cabinetmaker who started the kitchen job a year and 3 months ago. We have been waiting for the balance of the cabinets for all that time. And faithfully, he has been promising to finish the job, each time we called.

He actually came by the house and told us that the cabinets are finished and they will be installed. And I am sure that it will happen. Do you know why? Because he said he will be over on Monday. For the past year, he has been assuring us that the cabinets will be installed on Saturday. Each week, when we called, he said he would be over that Saturday. At least a dozen times or more, he has told us that the job will be finished on Saturday. Never once has he mentioned Monday. So, unless Monday is the new Saturday- we will have a finished kitchen some time next week. Look out for flying pigs.

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