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Friday, April 9, 2010

A Welcome Addition

Denise is always bugging me to post "this item" or "that item". "Take a picture of this" and "make a post about that". So, since she is not my editor-in-chief, I have decided to add her as a contributor to the blog. That way, she can post articles that will be of interest to her and not force me to.

In actuality, I am getting very, very lazy. The dogs and I find it very relaxing to take a mid-afternoon nap (and sometimes a mid-morning nap and occasionally an early evening nap). So- I hope you enjoy her posts. She has taken many of the photos that I have used, the past few years, anyway and those that I did take were usually at her urging. Between the two of us, we may keep up the blog for another couple of years.......

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