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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Today I made my first loaf of bread. This is day 2 of the sourdough starter and nothing needed to be done, so I thought I would try my hand at a standard loaf of white bread. Normally recipes make 2 loaves at a time, but since this was my first, I thought I would halve it and see what happened.
Besides making bread, today- I also had to unblock the drain line from the kitchen to the septic system. I worked on it all day long, with a combination of hot water and a garden hose. Eventually I purchased a length of plastic tubing that I used to push out the grease and that turned the trick and cleared the way. I have learned what I need to do, now. The pozo negro (septic) does not need to be emptied, so we are doing quite well.

Now, back to the bread. I probably made it a little too dry (too much flour). It did rise, but not as much as I expected. I think that kneading the dough is going to be quite an upper body workout. Now if I could just figure out how to need with my feet, I would be quite a balanced routine. I think kneading with the feet however, would impart a special flavor to the bread that I can do without.

It did bake up nicely, and looked pretty good- but you can tell that I am just a beginner. Once I get my mind working on the problem, I think I can do better.

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