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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Point System

I just came back from paying bills for this month. And I got to thinking about the points cards that I carry and use, every time I shop. I never really cared much for things like that in the States, but, trying to reap every benefit we can on a limited budget means using all means. Several of the larger grocery stores and also some others, issue cards and you receive points with every purchase. You can use these points to redeem gifts.

The first one I got was the Tienda Inglesa card for "Puntos". They offer double points on Tuesdays and Fridays (that's when I shop there). Over the past years, I have purchased large items (refrigerators and some other appliances) for which I received Puntos (purchased on a Tuesday or Friday, naturally). These points added up. Using my Puntos I have gotten, mixers, breadmakers, blenders, scales and numerous other items, and I still have quite a few left.

Géant, another larges store, issues a "Mas" card, good at their store and also Disco markets. They are not as generous with their points and I have never really used them, much, but I have the points and will find out what I can get sometime.

The last card I got was a card from Abitab. They are an service that changes money, issues international money orders and you can buy minutes for your phone or pay your utility and tax bill, there. I used to go to the individual utilites to pay my bills (I thought this was better), but Abitab takes the money, issues a receipt and they charge nothing extra, plus you get "Abis" for using them. I only got that card a couple of months ago, when my wife saw a display case with all kinds of cool gifts which could be purchased with "Abis". I didn't think much of it, but I got a card and in no time, I have enough Abis now to get quite a few of the items. If I had paid my property tax there (as I will next year), I would be rolling in Abis.

So don't sneer at life's little gifts. They might just surprise you.


Anonymous said...

I got an Abi card as you suggested, but it's so easy to pay property taxes online in Canelones, and I'm arranging for automatic payment of electric and water bills that I doubt I'll see much from it. You didn't mention that Abitab and Géant/Disco just hand you a card; Tienda Inglese takes a couple weeks to process it, after extracting as much personal information as they can. For what, who knows...they don't seem to do any targeted marketing based on that info.



Memphis Deb said...

What wonderful information! Thank you for sharing that with us. We'll definitely plan to get in on this perk right off the bat (when we finally get to Uruguay)!

Debi from Memphis