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Monday, April 19, 2010

From Atlanta to Atlántida

We were treated to a visit from one of our Northern neighbors, one Patrick Kelly from Atlanta, Georgia (or just outside). Of course, Patrick (known to many as "Neddie" on a local forum) is quite the traveler, hailing originally from Zimbabwi, Africa, by way of most of Europe and many parts of the rest of the world. This is Patrick with Denise, as we had him over for a meal and a little wine.

Patrick had decided to look into Uruguay as a possible retirement spot. We had a chance to drive up the Costa de Oro with him, as well as a short trip to Piriapolis. While discussing the pros and cons of Uruguay, I stumbled upon a very basic difference of opinion on retirement plans.

Neddie is full of ideas of projects and possible businesses that might enhance a retirement in this country. While I, on the other hand, eschew to the idea of retirement being the cessation of work. I am perfectly happy to sit all day, reading a book and sipping on coffee. It is fortunate for me that I am endowed with a vigorous metabolism, or else I would weigh hundreds of pounds by now. If I ever did edge over 200 (I am far from it), I would switch back to the metric system, where I would only weigh 90 kilos (at least that is my plan, should I need it).

While having basically opposite ideas on what to do during retirement, both of us agreed that Uruguay seemed like a nice place to do it.

Since this was my second trip to Piriapolis, I made sure to visit the marina, this time, rather than just view it from a distance. There were lots of beautiful sailboats and others, both in the water and up on dry dock. There were boats from Vancouver, Washington to parts of Canada. And there was a fully operational crane to lift them in and out of the water. This would be a nice place to have a boat (if you prefer throwing your money away in that fashion).

This past Sunday, Patrick made his way back up north, there to share with his wife what he had found out on his trip here, and try and convince her to come with him next time. Only time will tell whether this will be a success.

Our best to your efforts Patrick!

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