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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weekend Karaoke

Well, I am trying not to write posts, just to write posts, and not a lot has happened, but still, I have people who will email me if I do not post something, so here goes....

We learned an interesting phrase the other day meaning "to swindle" or "pull the wool over ones eyes". In Spanish it is "dar gato por liebre" (literally to give a cat for "liebre" a kind of hare or wild rabbit, because once upon a time hare was an appreciated dish, but cats were cheaper/easier to find).

First of all, I got the little sticker installed on my car last week that will allow me to pass through the toll booths electronically, getting an 80% discount. It is good for 2 years. We have surmised that it is difficult to get this approved as a way of discouraging people from getting that discount. But perseverance pays off.

Since this coming weekend marks the change in daylight savings time (clocks turn back 1 hour, at 2 am Sunday morning), we are feeling the transition towards winter. The weather is decidedly growing cooler. Still, we need no heating and leave the windows open through the night to cool the house.

We still have a few projects that need to get finished, but we have been able to enjoy this summer, for the first time, without constantly worrying about getting things done. Strange as it may seem, the upper cabinets in the kitchen have still not been finished. It is about 10 months since the kitchen cabinets were started. Amazing, no?

This past weekend we had karaoke night, again. The usual suspects came over Saturday night, after the meeting. It was a smaller group, but we had a purpose.

I have accumulated over 150 Spanish language karaoke songs, and we wanted the group to try them out for us and to find out which songs were popular and which songs were too difficult to sing. It proved to be a big hit. Then they made Denise and I sing a duet in Spanish.

Well, we did better than we thought, but we will not be winning any karaoke contests in any Uruguayan bars (if they have them) any time soon.

But a good time was had by all.

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