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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Under Attack Again

Remember during the past weeks that the mosquitoes have launched a full scale attack on the country. It has abated, and some days we have mosquitoes and some days few or none, entirely. It would seem for the most part that the mosquito barrage is over.

Well, last night, the insect offensive was in full force. After coming back from the meeting, we noticed a cockroach on the floor, near the office area. I killed it and didn't think too much of it. Then, while watching television, I noticed another one, near the kitchen. Now, we've had a few before, but 2 in one night was unusual. Then I looked out on the patio and it was like Night of the Dead, only with roaches.

To be honest, the cockroaches were not much by world standards. They fly, like those in Hawaii, but are very small. Didn't see any over 3/4" in length. They wouldn't even make a New Yorker look twice. Of course, they might have been adolescents (out for a joy ride). Anyway, we were besieged the whole evening. I went out and did battle (chemical warfare), but was driven back in. Then we closed everything up (but you know roaches can get through anything), sprayed the threshold and waiting to see if it got worse. We had stopped them, for now.

This morning, I looked around at the battlefield. Many brave cockroaches didn't make it back to the nest last night, and I finished off a dozen on the deck, as well. We'll see how tonight goes.

This is a picture of the couple Raul and Nivia) who do yardwork for us. They are not on a regular monthly service, but when things get too bad, we call them in. Probably come in about once a month. Place looks great for 2 weeks, shabby for a week and then positively neglected for a week, and it is time to call them. Now they have to be at least as old or older than I am, which is why I hate to call them. I should be doing it myself. But I am so lazy, and they come and clean up front or back for $30 and they do a great job. Haul everything away. I was never that good. But it is embarrassing to have someone your age doing work that you should do. So, on the days they work, I try to stay out of their way and let Denise handle that side of the business.

We have a painter and a new herrero (iron worker). This is the 3rd herrero we've used. I have high hopes for him. He has worked on the house, in years past and the painter has worked for our neighbor for years. Finding good help is hard, even for locals (so they tell us). This coming week we have an appointment for Denise's tooth (the little cavity that showed up on Dec 9th of last year). We'll see how that goes. Denise also received her US driver's license (renewed) and we'll be able to go into Montevideo and get a Uruguayan license soon. We are trying to gear up for Winter. Fall is in full swing.

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