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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tooth Filled

Today marks the final installment of the Great Tooth Escapade of 2009-2010, as it will come to be known. Finally, after an initial assessment on Dec 9th, 2009, Denise went for her appointment with Medico Uruguaya and in less than 30 minutes, the tooth was filled and we were on our way home. This culminated a process taking months, multiple visits for temporary fillings (which would fall in a week) and a visit to the main office in Montevideo. I can now say that Steve, our sage guide in La Floresta, was probably right. We could have gone to a local dentist, had the job done months ago and probably saved money in the long run. But we wanted to see what the dental program was for the medical plan. Not very good, as it turns out. Still, the rest of the medical plan is quite good, for many major procedures.

Also, we used the Telepeaje Pass (the electronic account for the toll booths) for the first time, and passed seamlessly through the booth, having only 9 pesos deducted from our account (normal cost is 45 pesos). The electronic readout showed the balance of the account each time, after the account was charged.

This week we had 2 new workers to help us with projects to get ready for Winter. One built another wood storage bin, for a second ton of wood and another reworked the bars on our kitchen window (which had been badly installed before) and also put a solid frame on our trash barrel, since the old, cheap, hinges had long ago failed. This is our 3rd herrero (iron worker) in less than 2 years.

The mosquitoes continue to plague us. I sprayed the back yard the other day, which gave us one day's respite, but they are back again, today, with a vengeance. So, we stay inside as much as possible. We are besieged in our own home.

Still, all-in-all, this past week has been quite good for us. A few more days hunkered in our house, and we will soon be past the insect outbreak. It is possibly worse in Montevideo, where trucks have taken to the streets pouring gaseous insecticide in the mornings. So, we have avoided that. And, we are getting some projects done, as well.

Sorry, no pictures, this time.........


Anonymous said...

Are the mosquitos out during the day or only at night?


Wally said...

On bad days, they are out all the time. On better days, only in the evening. Today was pretty good, yesterday bad, bad, bad.