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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Week of Tourism

This week is the "Week of Tourism". It is also called "Santa Semana", or Holy Week. However, since Uruguay is one of the least religious countries in South America, it is recognized more as Tourism Week, one of the last big holidays at the end of summer. Many businesses are closed this week and little business gets conducted, as people take to the beaches and enjoy some of the activities that they will not see in the winter ahead.

Last night we attended the Memorial Celebration that is held each year at local Kingdom Halls. It is interesting that we have enjoyed this particular event for over 38 years, in places as varied as California, New York, Hawaii, Washington State, Guam, Germany, Portugal and now Uruguay. In all these places, and in various languages- it remains virtually the same. Even though we are not "up to speed" with out Spanish language, a meeting such as this helps us to feel more at home. Sunday, we have been invited to an outing with the group, where we can rent horses. I am getting out my hat and cowboy boots. That should be fun.

Denise walked into town today. Town for us is becoming Salinas, more and more, since we are fast becoming adjusted to life in the slow lane. Atlantida, to the east, is getting to be the "big city". She went to mail a postcard to friends back in the US, at a cost of 17 pesos (just under a dollar).

She walked to Salinas on the beach, rather than taking the rambla (the road that fronts the coast). Just a few feet difference, but a much more pleasant experience. She enjoyed seeing all of the people fishing, and playing at the beach. As we look east from the beach, you can see Atlantida at the far end of the beach, before the beach comes to a point that defines the little cove in which we find ourselves.

I have spoken to the herrero who took a deposit over a year ago to build some stairs to the roof and he assures me he will get to work on them after Santa Semana. I also talked to the cabinet maker who said he is getting the rest of the kitchen cabinets finished. Well, we shall see, won't we.

But for now, the mild temperatures and sunny weather is cheering us up and we can't imagine a nicer place to be. Well that is not entirely true. We can imagine nicer places to be- but we couldn't afford to live like we do in those places. So for now, we have found our perfect place to retire.


nikka said...

I'm planning to move to Uruguay, it's such a beautiful place, I was there a couple of weeks ago.
Nice blog!
I'm a jw too ;)

Wally said...

Glad you enjoy it. Moving from Chile will be much easier than moving from the US.