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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Year One

Well, this will be a short post without pictures. Sorry- just not much more to post. But yesterday we did pass our first year mark in Uruguay. No fanfare, no fireworks. In fact, without a car and in cold weather, not even a trip out to a restaurant.

But we did reflect on the progress we have made here. Residency acquired, house purchased and almost all of our planned renovations completed. We are a few days away from having the house painted and all of our outdoor projects done. The next week will see significant progress on the kitchen.

All-in-all, as we sit in our warm house in our new little country- we are well satisfied with the choices we have made. We can hardly wait to see what happens in year two.


Anonymous said...

Wally and Denise, a very happy anniversary in Uruguay. May you have many more ( and still be pleased with your choice). I like reading your blog and seeing your positive attitude towards life. You seem to be " half-full" glass kind of people,:).
Congratulations again and regards,

Eddie said...

C0ngratulations, Wally

Anonymous said...

Any way to contact both of you off the web?

Wally said...

If you make an anonymous post again, with you email address and a request that it not be posted, I will respond and not publish the post.