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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well, we have found another reason to enjoy South America. Brazil makes a liquor that tastes a little like rum and a little like tequila- Cachaça. It is 39 proof, so a very respectable drink.

In fact, a "Caipirinha" is the national cocktail of Brazil. It is very simple:

1/2 lime
1 tbls sugar (they have a special dark sugar, but regular sugar is fine)
1 oz Cachaça
Crushed ice and enjoy

They also use Cachaça and muddle any available fruits and sugar to taste. The Caipirinha tastes a little like a South American Mai Tai. Enjoy! Did I forget to mention that Cachaça is about $6.00 for a 910 ml bottle (it appeals to my penny pinching side).


Heath said...

Hey Wally....I was drinking Cachaca last weekend for the first time too! Hey, I'd like to send you some photos of the exterior of your old house....see your thoughts! Take care!


Wally said...

Heath- that would be great. I'll send you an email...

Eddie said...

Hey, Wally:

Welcome to the club ! I discovered cachaça back in 1983..... To me, it's the Brasilian equivalent of tequila, even though it 's made from sugar cane. In Rio, you can buy a liter for a few dollars. How much does it cost in Uruguay?

Eddie said...

SOrry, Wally. I guess it's obvious that I posted my previous message after reading the first paragraph...
Sounds like the cost is about double in Uruguay.