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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Base Cabinets

Today, Saturday, the carpenter came and installed the base cabinets. Very solid installation and we finally get to see the type of kitchen we have envisioned. It is surprisingly spacious and we have designed in enough drawers to make this very practical.

Today Pedro installed the cabinets. On Tuesday, he will come back with either the drawers and doors or start on the upper cabinets (my Spanish is lacking some of the finer detail). Either way, this week will see some real progress.

The cabinets come without a bottom shelf. What happens is that the flooring guy pours concrete inside the kick plates, up to the level of the bottom shelf and installs tile for a finished look. The cabinet maker will call the local granite supplier and give him the measurements for the tops and we will be on our way.

I have put some old pieces shelving on top of the cabinet for the next few days so that we can get used to having some kind of kitchen. It looks like the work space is going to be ample and will have enough room for 2-3 people to work in the kitchen at the same time. Of course, since this is "my" kitchen- nobody will be working in it except me, but there is space, if I were to relax my rules and make an exception.



Anonymous said...

I find their system of having no wood bottom shelf on the base cabinets a little strange since I am in the kitchen cabinet business. Is this to save money or just the way they have been taught over the years?


Wally said...

Franklin- probably a little of both. No cost for a wood bottom shelf, plus it is a solid, non-rotting base for tile. Actually, I think it is practical, though not for the US. I too was a cabinetmaker and was puzzled.

Kitchen worktops said...

To install granite woktops, you need to bring a sketch with very accurate dimensions or eliminate any risk by taking advantage of the dealer's professional measuring services.

Wally said...

The first granite top I had made for the desk area came with a full scale paper layout that I took to the granite supplier. I imagine I will get the same thing. I wouldn't want to even begin to do that myself.