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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lunch at Maria's

A few weeks ago we were introduced to one of our neighbors who had been a doctor in the US. She lived for some 20 years in Los Angeles (Denise's hometown) and now lives a block away. Her niece ran across my blog and determined that we must live near her aunt. Because I have been feeling a little under the weather, Denise had gone over for an introductory visit on Sunday and she invited us for lunch, today.

We thought it would be just a little take out meal or a sandwich. But when we arrived at "Maria Del Mar" we were pleasantly surprised that there was an asado in the making. Fortunately for us, her 2 dogs were locked up, since they have bitten people before and it is troublesome to have to make out the police reports. We will make sure that she knows we are coming in the future.

Some of Maria's friends were working on the parrilla and after some wine, cheese and salami, we were invited to sit down to a wonderful meal.

Maria is quite the world traveler and loves fishing, as well. She showed us a picture of a 40 lb bass that she caught in Brazil. She has children and grandchildren living all over the US and other countries.

Her house is quite artistic, with lots and lots of decorations, pictures from all over the world. Since she loves fishing- many of her sculptures (including iron fish on the lawn) are sea life. From her living room, where we had lunch, you could see the beach clearly. There was even a little fishing boat that was passing by on the way home. She recognized it as one of the boats that delivers fish to a shop on the Pando River. She says they have a great fish dinner- but that will be for another day.

So, stuffed with asado, we walked home, looking forward to our next visit.

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