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Thursday, April 23, 2009

At Home

Well, Nate is truly making himself at home, as are we. As you can see, he found a good use for one of Denise's desk drawers. While Denise zips around the internet, he is content to just lay there and enjoy a little cat nap.

The deck and lower terrace are proving to be very useful. An interesting note is the guy on the motorcycle. He delivered the bank statement. They are delivered by a courier service, as are electric, and water bills. The regular postal system is little used, but even they come out on motorcycles to deliver the one or two pieces of mail we might receive. You might be the only one in the area receiving mail that day, so it does not pay to have a regular delivery route. Denise thought it was cool that a cool guy in jeans, sexy v-neck sweater and motorcycle came to deliver the mail.

As you can see, the days are a little darker, as fall is here and winter is approaching. The days are still nice and warm, but the nights are getting colder. We have not used the stove, yet, but I am making plans to start stocking up the wood near the back door, so I can get easy access.

The kitchen drop ceiling is being started. The dining room has been painted and we installed the vertical blinds on all the windows and things are really beginning to look finished. We are enjoying our new surroundings.

We came to Uruguay last year on June 12th. A lot has taken place in the last 10 months and the first year will see quite a bit of progress in many areas. I have been sick a couple of days (just a little cold), but I hope to be feeling well soon. We are fully expecting that our wedding anniversary, this year, will be a memorable one. Last year's anniversary we went into Montevideo to sign the final papers on our new house. This year should see us fully ensconced in Uruguay.

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