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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spanish Cats Go "Meow"

Well, little Nate had his first bath. He wasn't really dirty, but Denise wanted to get something that would kill any fleas, so we found some cat shampoo and this morning we lured him into the shower.

Denise had him in there for less than 4 minutes and you would think he was being skinned alive. He howled and howled and howled. And interestingly (I had never thought of this) he called out, "Meow, meow". I didn't know that the "meow" was universal cat language, but it is and he had no problems enunciating clearly and loudly. Anyway, he survived and moments later was cuddled up in our arm for warmth. Trauma over- peace reigns, again.

Aldo is almost finished with tiling the living quarters. Next week is Semana de Tourisma, a national week of holiday. Since UY is not really a Catholic country (apparently one of the least religious countries in South America), they have a week of Tourism holiday, which coincidentally is the same time as Easter.

We are trying very hard to get everything done by Winter. Fall just started and the nights are getting cooler, but the days remain warm (60's-70's most non-rainy days). Occasional rain and wind, but still warmer than the average Seattle summer day. But when winter comes, and we start using up the wood from those trees we had felled during the summer, we hope to be safe and secure inside our finished home. Anyway, that's what we want- whether we get it, is another matter.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wally,

Cute looking cat! Glad to hear the preparations for winter are proceeding.