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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Storms and Stoves

Well last night was a doozy of a storm. Wind, sheets of rain and lightning and thunder. It was scary being in a new house and you don't really know what will blow away, will trees fall down.

We have gotten a lot of the furniture delivered and the place is beginning to look like home. Here is a picture of the living room looking to the dining room. The dining table is nicely topped with 3/8" frosted glass and the seats nicely match the coffee colored leather couch. Those chairs are new, but the fabric looks antique. When we saw them in the store, we thought we were in a used furniture place. Turns out it is the style and color that gives it that antique feel. You may noticea set of congas and a guitar. Could this be the beginning of a music area? Not pictured is Denise's new trumpet (an instrument she played in high school). She has promised to take it to the beach and practice (poor fishies).

We received delivery of the high efficiency wood burning stove that we hope to use to heat the house during the winter. On Thursday we will have some 35 meters of ductwork delivered and Aldo and I will start installing it. Aldo is a young man I met at a local lumber yard. He has been in the US for 20 years (New York state) and does remodels. Being from Uruguay, he will be a big help on this project, before he returns to the US.

The stove has 4 hot air outlets, powered by the fan motor on the right. We hope to run 2 ducts to the rear of the house, one to the living and kitchen and the other to the dining area. It is unclear whether the motor will move the air that far, effectively, but we will install it and make modifications, if necessary. Will give you an update on the progress.

The solar water heater that we had installed is doing quite well. Have not had power to the unit since it was installed and there is sufficient hot water for our needs. The sunny days (though cold) have helped.

Denise is staying in the hotel for now, refusing to spend the night in a house without heat. I envy her. For my part, I am staying here in Marindia, wrapped in blankets and trying to keep warm. Perhaps today or tomorrow I will install the stove and at least have heat in the living room. By Friday I hope to have the house at least partially heated and we can do away with the extra expense of the hotel.

Until later....


Eddie said...

It's looking better by the minute, Wally. Nice job so far.


Wally said...

Thanks, Eddie. I think another month will see some mighty fine changes.