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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Down to 1 Bathroom

Well, our once lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is now down to 1 bath. We (and by "we" I mean Aldo, since I am coming down with a little bug and an nursing a sore throat) began the preparation for new fixtures and tile. Nothing fancy, just plain solid bathrooms. These, by the way are very small bathrooms (just 32 ft2). Still there are 2 (or there will be) and we plan on making Denise's more feminine and mine more masculine. In fact, we plan on putting signs- "Damas" y "Caballeros", along with appropriate symbols. And in the men's bathroom, we may not even put the toilet seat down.

 We are at the stage in our heating project where we can step away from it. The stove is putting out lots of comfortable heat and spreading it throughout the house. It is not overpowering- but sufficient.  Things are really underway.


Maintenance Man at MICC said...

Wally you slave driver! Poor Martin, off to find another house to demolish. At least you got him to take care of those thorny trees for you, those looked brutal.

Tim and I are taking pictures for you tomorrow to see the grand progress at MICC. Painting the front sign today...oh joy.

Sandy S said...

Hi Wally & Denise. I am enjoying your blog. Anxious to see a pic of the outside of your house. How cold does it get?
Sandy Stephens

Wally said...

I'll post some outside pictures today. It has been about 35 degrees overnight. But there have been some storms. In fact there is a storm this time of year that is normal- "Santa Maria" it is called. But days can run about 55-65 degrees on good days and 45-55 on cooler days.